Imagine…all your business processes shaking

hands with

  • Technology

  • Each other

  • Customers

  • Marketing

Delight people inside and outside the organization.
Pushixels’ no-silos approach to digitalizing businesses extends to
marketing, operations, analytics and beyond…

Attract and Convert with Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, Email and Social Media have variables that can be used in personalized projections to know what to expect from your investments. Pushixels campaigns in Google, Facebook and other mediums leverage programmatic methodologies and over 10 years of experience to outperform the average. Calculate what digital marketing can do for your business in a free consultation.

Onboard and Process with Websites and Custom apps

Websites, business apps, customer portals and internal systems can be molded into efficient employees for your specific industry. Decrease cost to serve and human errors while making internal teams and customers happy. Pushixels gets in your shoes and your customer’s shoes to experience end to end journeys, understand your unique situation and find ways to leverage technology so the experience is as pleasant as possible for all parties.

Retain and Expand with Marketing Automation

Automated communication and nurturing programs make it easier for existing customers to turn into advocates. The highest ROI lies in your existing customer base, Pushixels helps you stay close to them and keep up the engagement across email, social media and SMS.

Unify the customer profile from all key online and offline interactions: CRM, ERP, Analytics, ++

Data is the fuel that powers automation and optimization. Learn how to build a strong foundation and monetize your existing data.

Maximize existing resources and power up with new tools and training

Do not worry about unexpected or creeping fees. Pushixels’ lean and productized services make budgeting easy and stretch the value of every dollar.

No account managers or sales reps, you always talk to the experts directly and save on management costs. The straight forward workflow allows you to try the first step at small fixed rate and stop if you want, but almost everyone chooses to go all the way after learning what is possible.

Initial Analysis

A week or two of diving into your world and coming out with a ready to activate Business Analysis and a UI wireframe for your project. Get to know us by hiring just 1 stage and then decide where to go.

Planning & Service Selection

A couple days of aligning to business priorities. Picking from the service menu and laying out the roadmap.

Building, testing and adapting

As much time as needed to set things up properly and bring the users up to speed with training. Collect performance data and move into the optimization and management phases.

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