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Maggie Vega and Josue Pacheco lead the Pushixels team from Vancouver, BC. They have had the chance to work in international projects and campaigns with brands like Microsoft, Telus, Toyota, Concord Pacific, Ramada, Best Western and many great people in the construction, mining, ecommerce, automotive, health and hospitality industries. They have been speakers at events like Lighthouse Dev Hub, Women Who Code and organizers of the YVR Film Festival.


Their journey started in 2008 with videogame and website development with a strong foundation on usability, creativity and the technical skills to figure out what has never been done before when necessary. Their practice quickly branched into two main areas with business solutions and digital marketing in one hand and emerging technology activations on the other. But the line is blurring out as the expectations for more artistic, data driven and immersive experiences reach the world of business as usual.



The Handy Pushixels Manifesto guides our everyday work. Because it always pays to be thorough, secure, customer focused and in love with the craft.


1. No hand is an island.

No business process exists in isolation, the end to end journey must be part of every assessment to make a real impact. Understanding the big picture before building things also reduces the chance of hidden issues causing unwanted surprises down the road (we call them iceberg problems).

We work with businesses that are willing to go through a holistic introspection, from how their customer info is stored to how leads are managed. Because ‘buying ads’ or ‘automating an email’ are just steps in a longer journey.

2. Security is in everyone’s hands.

Every product and service must meet the industry security standards and come with safety training and disclaimers for users. Remember Uncle Ben from Spider-Man: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.


We want you to #GetCyberSafe.
Ask about our free training for small businesses and learn about the recommendations from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

3. All hands on deck for customers

Every customer interaction online and offline is an opportunity to know them better and therefore have a better relationship. Do not waste precious customer data, keep it and act on it.


Customers go through all kinds of journeys, do not get stuck at any single stage, understand your customer’s experience as much as possible. Leverage data insights and keep improving.

4. For the love of hands on technology

Enjoying the creative process and being proud of the positive impact generated keeps work in tune with the heart and boosts productivity.


Spreading the love for our craft, pushing pixels, is what we do.

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