Big Picture Innovation

Emerging Technology Activations & Research

Human + Tech

We love to work on Interactive tech installations, art activations, projection mapping and multi-sensorial human-computer interaction because all of this is at the core of what we want to promote which is analyzing and implementing novel ways to allow human interaction with technology that spark positive change across an organization. We love to see how technology can improve people’s lives.

Immersive Media

We have helped companies realize the impact immersive media has in today’s interconnected world, a world that is rapidly adapting to a more remote way of interacting. We have been using immersive 360 2D and 3D interactive media solutions and we are confident they are ready for consumer use, be it a virtual tour or a live virtual meeting. This type of applications are going to be in increasing demand in the following years.

XR Development

We use the latest technologies in emerging fields to experiment with and see when it will make sense to offer it to our clients. We have been using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to better visualize product in ecommerce solutions and for entertainment and marketing purposes. We love to use Unreal Engine and Unity beyond gaming content. Let us know if you would like to see how you can take advantage of these techonlogies.

As the research branch of Pushixels, our labs produce work that might or not become a viable service in the short term. Our goal is to find what the state of the art technology can do and how it can become a service our clients can use to improve their business processes and better contribute to their ROI.

Technologies we like to use, we are always learning about new tools to improve our capabilities

Our Process

It is important to understand there are some problems you need to prioritize in order to improve your workflows and achieve a best in class product or service, by identifying and acting on such initiatives we can help you iterate and produce repeatable reliable results over time by using emerging technology.

Business Problem Analysis

We listen, decipher and deeply investigate what the core of the problem is. Every data point is important, every perspective is unique, every problem can be broken down and acted on.

Planning & Service Selection

We align on goals and technologies to better address your problems and needs. We visualize what our solution would look like and what it will do. We take a deep dive into our toolbox and identify next steps to start building.

Building, Testing, Adapting

We communicate our progress and build upon successful iterations. This output is what becomes a solution to the initial problem, its impact on your business workflow is then measured as iterations happen.